Thursday, October 29, 2009

a little crush

As most of you know, I am now a MadMen junkie.  Within the past two months, I have successfully watched 2.5 seasons and caught up with the show {to be honest, I think I caught up in two weeks but who's counting and I had swine flu?}  So throughout this process, I have become quite the fan of January Jones and Jon Hamm.  If you haven't seen the show... where have you been? And they both very much resemble a modern day Grace Kelly and Cary Grant. Bottom Line: they are dashing!

all images via Harpers Bazaar. June 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

owloween withdrawal

Lastnight, I had "owloween" withdrawal.  I was envious of everyone that got to dress up in a ridiculous costume and hang out with their friends for the night.  I missed the amish costumes, the robots, the jamaican bobsled team, the goths... and all those c. vines costumes.  So friends, what are you being for halloween? Right now my top contender is Taylor Swift due to the fact that I love her and I will take any excuse to wear a sparkly silver dress and cowboy boots... Thoughts? Ideas are welcome.
Happy Owloween! hoot hoot
via martha

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

::empire state::

hey there pretty city that i love, adore & miss-
the one week countdown begins. see you next week new york.

via thesartorialist
* 9th avenue new york

its just a fall week

happy halloween week!
i have gotten into the halloween spirit today...
which means that we now have several bowls of candy
sitting around our apartment {sorry roomie}

in other news, i am also on an itunes kick
which usually happens when i am procrastinating
studying. {test on thursday in marketing}so...
what am i loving these fall days?

*taylor swift's fearless platinum album with 6 new songs. 
its already on repeat. i know youre so surprised
*michael buble's crazy love. 
*where the wild things are soundtrack

Monday, October 26, 2009

::stella mccartney & gapkids::

stella mccartney teams up with gapkids,
i wish she would team up with the gap.
i just wanted to show you how obsessed i 
am with the leopard dress
& these cute kiddos.
i will be trying to find this in a size 14 kids.

dallas cowboys game

i was skeptical at first but...
this game was SOOOOOOO FUN!
its a new irelan family tradition.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

last semester blessings

my little brother. christmas 2008
he pretty much tops the list.
i am so thankful that we have gotten
to hang out this semester.
he just seems so much older this year!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

just because:

No matter how crazy things are...
Calm on the outside.
Paddling like hell underneath. 

*just because its been that kind of week. 
and on another note:

Thursday, October 15, 2009

cutest kids

i wish i dressed as well as these kids. 
i love the little boy in his cardigan. 
via crew cuts

wild thing, i think i love you

i will not be seeing it at that time but 
i will see it this weekend if i feel better.
i love the tag line and the movie posters, 
"there's one in all of us."
in my opinion, this is one of the best 
marketing campaigns for a movie that i 
have seen in a really long time.  kudos producers!
new york even experienced where the wild things are
movie week with activities all over the city. 
i couldn't find anything like that in college station-
and another point goes to the big apple.

Obama in Aggieland

He is here in Texas!
{not in Austin, in College Station}
Roads are closed. Airports are on lockdown.
Only the "cool important people" have been invited.
not me.

I pray that people are not idiots tomorrow.
I can only imagine the stunts that some
people (conservative republicans) here are thinking of...
Dear college students, please please please
do not embarrass our university. 
We are already known as the the 
number one conservative school 
in the nation... Lets be smart Aggies!

Welcome to Aggieland, Mr President.

via domino files.
i love this layout.
design and politics!

reception party pics.

the Poole wedding was such a party.
check out our "mid dance" pics.
and i wish i had a pic of the bride...
she was gorgeous! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

spare time?

I have had some serious spare time this week.
Swine Flu has given me a lot of alone time.
So... I have been watching old movies
on AMC. {I am a recent AMC fan due
to Mad Men. I love that show}
And I am in love with Robert Redford.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

change of plans.

this week was going to be a big week.
a productive week.
one for accomplishments...
studying. studying. and organizing.

until last night... last night is
when i got swine flu.
the H1N1.

this week is no longer productive.
i will now spend the week in my bed
with tamiflu and nyquil.
oink. oink?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

chanel show

obviously, i cannot afford chanel.
if i could... i would purchase the classic chain bag.
its awesome.

but... these pictures from their latest show in paris
are insane. it was in a barn. i love it.
via here.

the best picture in the world.

dont even try to disagree with me.

a very happy day!!!!!!!!!!!

the learning has begun...
i am officially in possession of the new CS4
photoshop with all of the new bells and whistles.

i am sooooooo happy.
now, my drawings can become a reality
via my computer.

in other news:
1. the next nyc ticket has been purchased...
i will be reunited with the empire state the first
week in november!
2. the purpose of my trip is to get a JOB.
3. it will be my first dosage of a new york winter.
4. its cold outside. yesss.
and 5. i really enjoyed the aggie football game yesterday.

**and i really really miss mindy lou
living in the bcs. come back?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sorry blog.

{photo from the recent poole wedding}

i promise i haven't forgotten about you.
i just have been busy doing other things...

and my life is pretty dull right now-
which means i have nothing to really say.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

helloooooooo october!

if only the weather would get a clue?