Wednesday, January 7, 2009

growing up...

well... 2009 has started [and with a bang might i add]
it is my last real semester of college and its a very funny feeling. i paid or actually my parents paid atm for the last time this week and i am currently beginning the job hunt.  january is month number one of being a grown up. the first things on my list of adult-like activities include but are not limited to the following...

  • new haircut [my friends have already crossed this of their lists...kb is looking very gwyneth like with a blonde "lob" and mw has recently added bangs to her do, so very anne-as in hathaway].
  • ridding myself or home of crafty furniture meaning chi omega accessories. the time has come to say goodbye to cardinal and straw picture frames, of course anthropologie owls are still allowed. 
  • lastly, my future city... the options span from nyc to austin to dallas and lately i have just been loving everything about washington dc? who knows... if i were you i would put money on austin

"you have 4 years to be irresponsible here. relax. work is for people with jobs. you'll never remember class time, but you'll always remember time you wasted hanging out with your friends. so, stay out late. spend money you don't have. drink till sunrise. the work never ends, but college does..."
-tom petty

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