Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 attempts at being interesting.

1. I recently found out that I am named "Michele" because I was supposed to be a boy named "Michael." My parents didnt quite want to let that name go... and they still gave Cody the first name Michael.
2. I still sleep with a stuffed animal. I never named him because I thought it was childish.
3. My favorite movie of all time is Steel Magnolias mostly due to the fact that Ouiser reminds me of my grandmother. "Clairee: Ouiser, you sound almost chipper. What happened today - you run over a small child or something?"
4. I was born in England and lived there the first three years of my life with an English nanny, which resulted in an English accent.  I lost the accent when we moved back to the US and my best friend was a black girl named Shawnee.  Bring on East Texas accents :)
5. When I was 12 I had my first moving vehicle collision. It involved a cow, a mopehead, and our garden fence.  
6. At the age of 15, I had my second collision. This time it involved my mom's suburban and Stacy's garage door... not to mention the lovely and encouraging words coming from the backseat. My Dad was pretty vocal as I forgot to how to hit the breaks at 5 miles per hour. 
7. I was the soloist and star of my fourth grade play. My role was a giant teddy bear that lived in Santa's Toy Shop. Our choir program wasn't very popular that year.
8. My roommate Catherine's favorite song is "Fancy" by Reba McEntire. She gets pretty intense when she sings it. 
9. My family celebrates our family reunion at a Volunteer Fire Station in Rosevine, Texas every summer. It pretty much sums up my extended family and east texas all in one. 
10. Midnight Yell. [enough said]
11. One of my best friends has 4 cats. The last one she got was from a poor hispanic family, so we named her Rosa. It just seemed to make sense.
12. I went through my awkward years before straighteners were invented. I have naturally curly hair and I only weighed 100 pounds while being 5'9. Just picture that...
13. The only animals I ever had growing up were fish because I am allergic to cats/ hate them and my brother was attacked by a dog at the age of three. They were great pets until the water got to hot during a fish tank cleaning.
14. I was the only girl on the back row of our 8th grade panoramic picture. 
15. My first and last name are spelled "wrong". Or so I have been told
16. My mother loves sports more than anyone else that I know. She somehow manages to say exactly word for word what the announcer says about 30 seconds before he says it.  She also has season tickets to the Houston Astros. We live in Nacogdoches.
17. My first car was a Chevrolet Blazer. The only thing I liked about it was that it was black- and the fact that I took it flying down a huge hill about once a week. We usually got about three feet of air.
18. When I lived in the Chi O House sophomore year, I fell down the three staircases seven times. I was completely sober. 
19. My athletic abilities are somewhat lacking. The only sport I have ever been good at was 300 meter hurdles in the 8th grade. I won first place against my darker skin girls.
20. I took a clogging class for six years. My outfit consisted of a red, white, and blue sparkly ensemble.  We clogged to Tim McGraw, Jock Jams, and Jose Cuervo. The outfit also had stars.
21. I made a shirt in high school that said, " Yes, I am really tall. No, I do not play basketball."
22. I spent one whole semester of college painting on navy sheets. And it has been my favorite one yet! 
23. If I could do any job in the world it would be hosting a show for the travel channel.
24. My favorite drink is Coca Cola Classic.  I once was a Dr. Pepper fan but the 23 flavors changed it. 
25. Cussing at random times is just something that brings me joy and makes me laugh really really hard.

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