Sunday, May 24, 2009


{this is mallory barkley, age 2}

I have been blessed to babysit her
for the past year and it has been so 
neat to watch her grow up.  She is 
approaching three and the terrible
twos are just settling in.  Mallory is 
hands down the girliest girl that I
have ever met.  She loves the color 
pink, all jewelry, dresses and tutus. 
She picks out her outfit everyday
and always comments on my necklace.
She has even asked me multiple times if I 
have a boyfriend and told me that her
"prince charming" is going to marry her. 
And I cannot even begin to tell you
how many times she has looked at me
and asked if we could go buy a white puppy...
l love this child. And i miss her already. 

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