Saturday, September 12, 2009

twenty three.

I am officially old. I have no idea why 23 seems so much older than 22... but it does. For real, not kidding. Its been a whirlwind year that began with Hurricane Ike and is ending with a four day rainstorm. {seems fitting, right?} Looking back on the year, I think it was a good one. Nothing beats senior year of college. nothing.

So in the spirit of bringing in a new year.
Here are my resolutions.
23 things that I hope to accomplish
in my 23rd year. cheers!

1. Move to NYC
2. Survive the New York Winter {i am scared}
3. Acquire a better camera & take more pictures.
4. Learn Adobe Photoshop
5. Become a top-notch emailer.
6. Perfect the homeade, from scratch oatmeal chocolate chip cookie
7. Embrace my naturally curly hair
8. Plan my brother's 21st "family" birthday in Vegas!
9. Finish reading Gone with the Wind
10. Continue my blog {its my daily dose of creativity}
11. Become a member of a church
12. Give up my coke addiction/ lessen my coke addiction
13. GET A JOB.
14. Become independent of my parents.
15. Travel to Chicago. {I've never been}
16. Call my grandparents once a week
17. Be a bridesmaid :) {yep, i said it}
18. Watch my friends as they live life & succeed & fall in love.
19. Finally get that a&m diploma.
20. Surprise my parents, an over-the-top surprise.
21. Learn to jog/run/workout ??
22. Attend a Bon Iver concert. {& inevitably cry my eyes out}
23. And to never give up on myself.

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