Wednesday, December 2, 2009

december 1. 1960

taken when i was 11 years old, field day.

today is my moms last "young" birthday...
she hits the big number next year, but dont tell her i told you.

This picture is very appropriate for my moms day of birth celebration because it was at an athletic event. You see, I was not much of the "athlete" daughter... I took dance 4 nights a week my entire childhood. There is one time that I will forever remember, it was in the eighth grade. And I was on the track team- yes, I ran track... for two whole years. {athletics were a different story in HS}  Anyways, I was a 300 meter hurdler and a one mile relay team member.  Our 8th grade track schedule was terrible, I think it rained every. single. track meet that year.  Except the last one, at home, in Dragon Stadium.  And let me just preface by saying that this is East Texas competition, girls are big and fast and a whole lot more athletic looking than me.  I was a cheerleader, a scrawny, skinny, awkward cheerleader with frizzy blonde hair.  So the race begins, and I am kind of dominating. I get back around to my moms side of the stadium and she is possibly the proudest I have ever seen her. And she is jumping on the sideline, jumping and screaming and doing her sports yelling thing. I finish the race in first place- I actually won the entire meet.  I beat every other girl in hurdles? Its still shocking to me... 8 years later and I still kind of cant believe it. Its my only "athletic" claim to fame ever- I really hope my children get my husbands sporty genes? Or I hope he is sporty? who knows...  or my moms?  Anyways, happy birthday mom!

I love sports because of you. and chocolate cake.

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