Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh target...

I am going to be honest. I ADORE Target, actually I am obsessed with Target. I love their clothes, shoes, special little products, but I am obsessed with their home decor section.  I stalk their website to see when their new designers are hitting the store. I will admit it... I have an addiction to Target. I even think that I would be perfectly happy working there {just in the store, red shirt and khaki pants.} And if I dont find a job soon... I may end up there. Its not funny... dont laugh.

dwell studio for target 

{coveting that 4th yellow rose pillow}

1 comment:

  1. michele, if you buy a plain white pillow i can give you a tutorial on how to make that rose pillow. all you would need is probably half a yard to a yard of yellow fabric and a handy dandy glue gun.

    let me know :)