Thursday, April 8, 2010

google maps envelopes

This is soooo cool. It isn't an actual product yet, only a concept... but how fun would it be to send 'snail mail' with a map of where the mail was traveling.  The addresses are even located in the correct spots: brilliant. I personally love to receive mail and I can only imagine my excitement if the envelope was a map. Pretty darn cute and smart if you ask me... what will google think of next?

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  1. so fun...and brilliant!

    so i was going to make a tutorial for you to make those flowers...but if you just google "rolled fabric rose tutorial" i think you'll have luck! let me know if you can't find anything.

    here is one that is different than mine, but still pretty!

    also, you'll probably need half a yard to make 9 big ones! :)