Tuesday, November 16, 2010

premeditated holiday cheer

So while I was sitting at my desk today I looked down at my calendar and realized that it is exactly one week until thanksgiving holidays commence... which sadly means 3 days off opposed to the eternity of holidays associated with what I formerly referred to as the start of christmas break/  endless sorority parties/ and maybe a few finals. But anyways, I am excited nonetheless. After convincing my brother to not go to the UT/A&M game we will now all be under one roof for turkey day craziness. And let me tell you- its usually somewhat crazy.

You see my Grandmother is the Queen of holidays in my family. She hosts every one of them without a glitch and complete with every form of my favorite dish. And around 3 years ago my mom decided that she would take over Thanksgiving which is fine... but different {and let me tell you that my brother and I dont really like change when it comes to holiday plans.} I'm sure that some of you agree with me....

Anyways, heres some holiday decor to get the season started. Bring on the 5 day work day countdown. I am ready to see nacogdoches...

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