Wednesday, March 11, 2009


this week has definitely been one for the record books...
it started out with a 'case of the mondays' that involved losing an hour of sleep, losing my keys, getting locked out of my house, misunderstanding TWO projects, an awkward lunch and tears [in front of my 400 level mktg class.]  i dont normally feel the need to vent about life to the online world but it is currently distracting me from school.  

not to mention the fact that my cute little neighborhood has been invaded.  it is a sea of orange plastic fencing, dust, dirt, and inappropriate construction workers.  daily i wonder which street will actually get me home. it is a maze and 304 ayrshire is pretty much over it. 

venting aside. 2 days! 

spring break 2k9. the last one. the memorable one.
[because i can assure you, i will never teach. i am leaving that to crawf & katie b & mindy...]

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