Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sleepovers at 22

i just love them
college pretty much ended two and a half months ago... well, it ended for almost all of my friends. i am a measly six hours short. since may, i have been missing them all very much. after much consideration, i have decided that out of everything, i miss the nightly sleepovers the most. laying in bed and talking with them for hours, watching movies until two a.m., eating cookies daily, and knowing every little thing about their days. oh college, why did you have to end?

so lastnight, a nactown sleepover was held. it was just one of those nights that was good for the soul. cheesy movies were watched, late night junk food was consumed and tons of random stories were shared. i havent seen these two together since mid may and we had a lot of catching up to do. i love you both. heres to our friendship lasting another ten years!

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  1. aww. that is so sweet. life after college is hard sometimes for those very reasons you just listed. but it is so sweet too. treasure whatever moments you have! they are so precious!