Monday, August 3, 2009


August has arrived...

dear new apartment,
please be available by this friday. i have tons of things to move into you before i leave for new york. also, please magically be clean before i move in too. 

dear mindy, 
puhleassssssssse do not leave college station. we still have 4 weeks of bible study left. how am i going to fall in love with beth moore without you? can you stay?...

dear new york.
i cannot wait to see you again! i really, really hope that my trip is rain free? can you work on that? thanks. also, i need a job. 

dear texas a&m,
i do not want to come back. i do not want to go to school... please be kind. and thanks for letting brother in. he is super excited!

and i also dyed my hair. its blonde.

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