Monday, July 27, 2009

future plans?

Do you ever just feel like everything is finally falling into place?
To be honest, I have not felt this way in a long, long time.  I have been anxiously awaiting this feeling... coveting it.  Well, after waiting, waiting and waiting it has finally arrived with full force. For the past two weeks, there has been an undeniable yearning for myself to return to nyc.  I have not felt this way since early last fall.  Looking back on early last fall, I love who I was as a person. I was proud of that person.  She stood for things that I believe in...I want her back.  These feelings have truly been put on my heart with purpose and I cannot ignore them.  Since exploring this option, I have felt alive and as though I have found my post college home.  I understand that there are so many questions, reservations, and that some of you are probably going... what?????  And to be honest, I do not really know how to answer you.  I do kind of think that I am crazy.  I will be finishing school at a&m in December and then tentatively making the move, the very very COLD move in January.  {i am going to freeze.}  

friends, please do not freak out. please just call me.

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