Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sending love to calli rae.

happy twenty second birthday!

today is the twenty second birthday of one of my favorite people, roommate of three years, and hands-down the most colorful person i know.  i wish you a wonderful and happy day & i will see you friday night. 

i have been thinking about how i wanted to celebrate calface on my blog, and i decided there is no better way than to salute here love for the quirky, mismatched & chaotic things in life. 

so here it goes.... happy birthday calface

* she craves pickles.  {as snacks, by themselves.}
* i have only one time in my life seen her wear a swimsuit that matched. 
* she regrets every outfit she has ever worn to a crush/ date party.  her outfits usually consisted of a variety of hairdos... the mullet was my favorite. ( i cant find a pic of it)
* her style... she pulls off anything & it looks PERFECT, even baby pink tights?
* boz skaggs? is one of her favorite singers. 
* her dance moves. those who know her, know what i mean.
* and she loves her ivy plant, even though it rarely gets watered. 

{her infamous last crush party outfit. oh, 
i am going to miss those memories.}

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