Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am hesitant to make resolutions for myself.  I cant remember ever sticking to any of them... but then again, I havent ever written them down for the world to read. So I have compiled a list of things that I would really like to change. Most of them are things that I have been meaning to work on for the past year or two or longer... So here we go-  I want to warn you that most of these things are not lofty or heavy on my heart. They are simply things that I would like to do better, but dont get me wrong- some of them will be very difficult*.

1. Lessen my coke intake {meaning the soft drink}. I am not going to say give them up but that would be the ideal end goal.
2. Learn to workout. I simply do not know how to run/jog. I bought the stretchy pants but they have not helped.
3. Write more hand written letters to my friends and family. Name one person that does not love snail mail? 
4. Get over facebook already. Its shameful. Not acceptable. 
5. Make my own coffee and hence save four dollars a day.  I have a ridiculous affair going on with starbucks and vanilla lattes. Or maybe its with caffeine in general? I love tea too. 
6. Visit the touristy places in NY. why not? 

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