Wednesday, January 20, 2010


hello little friends.
i just want to warn you that i am about to ramble and probably have quite a few run on sentences... i am currently drinking my third cup of coffee for the day. {I have come to the conclusion that coffee is the source of finding a job.} I would also like to add that I have successfully ONLY HAD ONE COKE IN THE LAST WEEK.  Hello new years resolution and living in new york on a budget.  I am still so proud of this... 

Today I have been in the city for one week... talk about a quick week.  The time has flown by so fast already.  I have an interview tomorrow afternoon at 130 and another one next wednesday at 130.  I am crossing my fingers that I find something soon because the apartment hunt is about to be in full swing. YAY. I now have an immense amount of respect for anyone that is currently employed.  I think that my resume has been sent to about 50 people in this city...  please come soon job!  

In other news, the weather is not so bad. It gets windy and cold but the sun has been shining beautifully for the past few days.  I didnt even have to wear a coat on Monday. Praise the Lord for sunshine.  And if you would like to come visit anytime soon... we will go to my new favorite place in the city. The highline is a new park that was constructed on an old highline subway track. Its gorgeous. And sunny. 

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