Tuesday, March 30, 2010

southern hospitality

I just got back from a perfect southern weekend in Charleston, South
Carolina. And if you have never been... you need to go immediately.
Not to be dramatic but IT IS THE BEST TOWN IN AMERICA.
I am completely obsessed with the culture and the food... oh my gosh, 
the food will change your life completely. From fried green tomatoes to
shrimp and grits- it is soooo good. 

I got to witness bridge run 2k10 across the cooper river bridge, 
drive through old downtown and stare "wide eyed" at the most 
amazing porches that I have ever seen. Houses are pink and blue 
and yellow and just plain happy. The beach is also a lovely 15 minutes 
away- do you see why this is the best place ever??  I will just show 
you what I mean... and there are also candy stores everywhere.

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